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Food Search engine

We are a food Search engine and a Social media Network all in one. Promoting business locally and internationally. Using both the power of our local Social Search engine marketing capabilities being able to submit your business to major search engines like Google yahoo Bing etc… finding your business in a click! in major search engines and social networks through social share, We also have added Bookmarking so you can bookmark all your favourite people and businesses

Addeggs food search engine will promote business members companies who will all benefit the same level of marketing outcomes of SEO if implemented correctly in our search engine. On that note! We can manage your Marketing Advertising Submission so you can get the best results from your search engine optimisation and link building campaign… you can even optimise your posts for you to maximise unlimited seo back-links through both adding your posts and creating your links to social networks direct from your addeggs member page creating unlimited linking to your business website and member page and major search engines
Ask yourself Do you need more business and brand marketing with Results?

If the answer is yes! Simply contact us today and we will assist you with a setting you up a exclusive members account Today!

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